Welcome to Crust Open Community Program!

In Crust’s journey to become a community-owned and community-operated protocol, the Core Team has launched bounty programs, grants and incentivized developers as well as community managers to become a valuable part of Crust Network.

Recently, Crust also launched the Crust Governance Module, to pass the decision-making authority for key decisions relating to the protocol to the community. This has enabled community-ownership of the Crust protocol.

To make it easier for more people to join the Crust community, we have launched the Crust Open Community Program. More details will be shown here! This serves as our community forum, everyone is welcome to discuss and vote on any news about the project!



Looking forward to this amazing program!

Hello, I begin today The French Crust Network Medium with the OCP article

Hello, I think it will be great to have a metting between contributors / ambassadors /team each month or twice by month to coordinate our work.

great idea. Maybe we could have a monthly ambassador call