Proposal - discord portuguese moderator and translate documents into portuguese and create a channel in portuguese on discord

Hello everyone, everything good?
It is a great pleasure to be here with you, my name is John Rhodel Bartolomé

Community role: member
Guild: writing/translation
my crust wallet is : cTHr3CQnpvcPqwo1JNrKK4uBHKMqF9RN5HDeLeDgrnF7VD8uV

I would like to make a proposal as follows:

1º would it be possible to open a channel in Portuguese on Crust’s discord?
Why in Portuguese?

I will bring some information about my country Brazil.

We have 212 million people, the economy is growing while the whole world is in recession, it is a country that is turning its eyes to crypto, but we have a very big flaw!

Only 5 % of the population speaks English reasonably well, that is, approximately 201.4 million people do not know or have the slightest idea of English.

It could be a market to explore and I want to help bridge that gap with the second part of this proposal!

2º translate the documents, news and wiki to help this community in Portuguese that also covers Portugal and countries like Angola too!

I’ll post the news on the medium I made of Crust in Portuguese!

Crust Network Português – Medium and if you create the channel in Portuguese here on discord too

3º if you need mods for discord I’m also available

And if you need proof of work, I’ll pass some things on here

I have a crypto community called “Verbo da Sabedoria” on telegram, I’m official wagmedia translator in Portuguese @Lude knows me!

I have already translated two crust articles on my blog

My proof of work

And I collaborate with some Dotsama projects by translating docs or even translating the site as is the case with Subsocial and Kodadot, or translating documents as an ambassador and enthusiast such as PHALA, BIFROST,PARALLEL, KODADOT, ALEPH ZERO

If it is of interest that I can help, this is the proposal

Thank you guys @Aki @Lude


Hi John,
Nice to meet you! Thanks for your proposal!
Overall, you’re helping Crust build a Portuguese-speaking community, right?
Currently there is no Portuguese cpmmunity in Crust. I’m not sure how many people will come, but we can have a try. Do you have an operational plan for this part?

Hello buddy, how are you? so my idea is to feed little by little with information and news translated from the project, I made a medium in Portuguese from crust and a twitter already in Portuguese too, in addition to that many people on the telegram from polkadot brazil ask about the crust community and about the project and there is nothing translated, my idea is to be this link, promoting discord and the channel in Portuguese open here on official discord I saw that there are several languages and nothing in Portuguese, my idea is to promote it with always updated information, in addition to translating old documents so people can understand crust’s history, and new investors don’t feel lost…

I am an ambassador for polkadot brasil and I always post updated news about the projects I help and the parachains that I am an ambassador for, in the telegram group in Brazil, so I would publicize the discord channel in this polkadot brasil group and thus attract new investors to get to know the project, The idea is also to meet with content creators from Brazil and introduce crust to them, helping them with the material for translation and being this link between crust and investors in Brazil/Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries!

Hi Johnrhodel,

Thanks for the detailed plan. Currently we don’t have a Portuguese channel for Telegram group. But we can try to set one in discord to see if we have so many Portuguese members.
We will still focus on English channels if there are no more than 10 people after running for a month. What are your thoughts on the compensation for managing media and translations? We hope it to be written in the proposal together, and the Crust council will vote on it.

Thank you very much for your support!

Hi John,

This is Youan, I’m one of the community council. Thanks for your proposal.
Since we already got few small-language communities, but there’re only slightly interaction and influence, especially in the bear market.
For the OCP, community moderator and translator are different roles, which are you willing to apply for?

We already set a Portuguese group in Discord, could you confirm the role you want to apply for? Then we can discuss a criteria for your paid work!

Thanks for your previous work!


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Hello would be a content producer in Portuguese and translator for the Portuguese, there would apply for this, besides wanting to help in moderation if possible!

I don’t know if I can 2 roles