Medium translation

Hello, I translated fourteen Medium articles since June
Bounty application : 10 CRU/article= 140 article and LEVEL 1.
CRUST adress: cTMp3RKx8NZbVPabUfFyTsfhQKoeFrGnVayLcG1MLxD57uZx3


Hi Patirce
Thanks for your translation and the French community!
Do you have a Twitter account for the Crust French community?
Because there are too few followers and views right now. We will transfer this part of the translation reward to you first. But in the future the number of followers will also be a criterion we consider.

Hello Aki, I understand. no worries. Yes I have Twitter for the french community (@CrustNetworkFr).

Hello Patrice, thank you for all the contributions!
The rewards were sent to you yesterday. The tx hash is 0x71bc0fed2c3cf69e282a2bcc0c8e03c8d9956ce5e690ec9de3bb0be2a90d7a41