Crust Network Uganda Campaign, University Chapter

Discord: Mucu256#3205

Community Role: Guest & Member

Guild: OPS

Duration: 3 Months

Work Plan
Uganda is beginning to take shape in blockchain technology with a great deal of discussions surrounding the new technology as a new form of reclaiming the internet by the people and for the people.

In this particular project, we shall embark on mass blockchain awareness among university students by onboarding them onto Crust Network and Blockchain in general with a major focus on tech students to prepare them to build the blockchain infrastructure that will drive Uganda’s (African) technological future.

We shall structure our outreach based on the Google Schools Developer Clubs as these are preexisting tech clubs in major universities. This will help our efforts to land on the right audience as we are at the technical stage of our awareness.

We shall then form blockchain university clubs premised on the Crust in Universities where they do not exist. These will act as blockchain think tanks and our training shall be aimed at invoking blockchain pitches among these groups.

The clubs will be balanced to cover the entire country on a regional basis. This means we shall cover all the four regions of Uganda; that is to say North, East, West and Central in the form of a Crust Network Uganda tour. As we launch these clubs, we shall hold events to discuss blockchain technology with clear emphasis on Crust Network.

Throughout this campaign, we shall advance blockchain education with the primary aim of addressing the current traditional challenges with the envision of the blockchain in particular Crust Network. We shall outline Crust Network’s unique features in solving most problems affecting the legacy blockchains.

Our cause will be championed on a generational sharded blockchain that is fully scalable, provably secure, efficient, private and decentralized. Crust’s cutting edge features of availability through DSM and assurance which addresses the problems of existing blockchains shall inform our campaigns. We believe that being an open source platform, everyone is able to build borderless applications on the Crust Network bridging with other networks, especially those of the Polkadot ecosystem, thus full decentralization due to its heterogeneous features. Through this, the limitations of existing blockchains will be eradicated and thus envisioning our systems built on smart contracts with assured storage.

Given the above context, we hope to tackle topics ranging from smart contracts, Decentralized Storage Market, Mass storage with date privacy, Non Fungible, Metaverse, Tokens(NFT’s), Gaming among others. With over one million teller bit data storage capacity and 2,500 storage nodes all over the world with a $0.0009 per GB storage fee a year, Crust poses an ideal solution to our society’s challenges at a stage of technological set off.


It should be noted that our events will be both technical and non-technical. Our biggest focus will be a clear and concrete understanding of Crust Network.

Below is a brief syllabus of our events.

  1. Blockchain overview. This will explain major evolutions of Web3. Distributed Ledgers, Public and Private keys, Blockchain consensus (POW, POS, MPoW……)

  2. Introduction to Crust Network. Here, we shall give an overview of Crust Network clearly explaining it as a Fast, private, decentralized, secure and available with assurance. We shall further introduce our audiences to:

  • What Crust Network is
  • What can be built on Crust
  • Where to find Crust courses/docs as well as walk the audiences through where they can get live support on Crust, such as:
  • Discord
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Forum

3.Decentralized Storage Mark.

  1. MPoW & GPoS consensuses

  2. Trusted Execution Environment (TTE)

The audience types;

Our major focus shall be university students, that is to say, majorly those who have a developing background and/or are undertaking computer related courses(Computer science, Data Science, Software engineering) are specifically targeted as it is our goal to have them form Network University clubs on which we shall base our future planned blockchain related development.

It should however be noted that even though developers will be our major target, our events shall not be limited to that. We shall also welcome non-technical blockchain enthusiasts for our events. Therefore, it is right to say that our community types will be both technical and Non-technical.

For universities with stronger blockchain cognisance such as Mbarara University of Science and Technology in the West and Makerere University plus Innovation Village Hub shall be more technical than the rest. As already hinted, our structure for the clubs that will be formed in the universities will be based on the already tech existing one; That is to say the Google Schools Developer Clubs. Based on the same structure, we shall launch Crust University Clubs in the covered universities.

Our campaign shall be executed in form of events/meetups(both physical and Virtual), content( inforgraphics, articles & memes), social media campaigns, twitter spaces and


  • On boarding tech students onto Crust Network
  • Building local solutions on the Crust Network
  • New developers will be on boarded and Nationwide awareness of Crust Network as we shall be advertising our events in the local mainstream and social media
  • Growth of the Crust Network and general Polkadot ecosystem as the on boarded devs will form Crust Network University clubs
  • New Crust Network contributors will be brought on board. These will contribute to code, social media marketing and community growth.
  • Increase in staking volumes in order to facilitate GPoS

In conclusion, this marketing campaign is designed to increase the number of verifiers, candidates, guarantors and users in a bid to grow the Crust Network ecosystem.

Bounty application: $9,000

Crust Address cTGPgsyjXypiJumkJU5fUwdpqtautKhidzGq3eQmhWADBVpSa


Hey Mucu,

First of all, thank you for your input. We can tell you put lots of effort in your ideas and describing it as best as possible. We always are looking for opportunities to reach new communities and new markets.

Personally, I would rather structure such a campaign in different phases with specific milestones instead of starting with a large roll-out. For example we could start with one specific College Dev Community and hold an offline event on campus, we could start engagement via building a Uganda community on TG or Twitter. If those activities are effective then we could scale this model.

Lets see what the rest of the community thinks.

Cheers, Lude


Hello Lude,

Thank you for appreciating the structure and explanation of our work plan.

I do agree with your school of thought to structure the campaign in different phases and with specific milestone. Maybe we did not explain the flow of events quite well especially for the first month of the campaign as we plan to hold a launch event at Makerere University. This event will be physical. We shall then setup socials for this campaign(twitter & telegram) where shall be engaging our audiences. This will be considered as Milestone one.

The results of our first Milestone will inform next course of campaign items(events, twitter spaces, meme challenges…).
It should also be born in mind that the requested funding(3k) is in a sense of milestone basis. That is to say 3k for milestone one, KPI report for milestone one and then we shall request for milestone disbursement at the community’s discretion depending on the success and sustainability.

We shall be glad to hear more community suggestions regarding on how best we can this campaign rolling.

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Hi Mucu,

Thanks for your proposal. It’s really a very detailed plan!

We have previously co-hosted events with universities in the US, India, China, and more. I suggest that we start with one small event and decide whether to do a series of events based on the number of people participating and the popularity of the event.

Yours sincerely


Hello Aki,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

Considering your suggestion which is close to that of Lude, I concur with you on the idea of starting with a small event to pilot the likelihood of success of the entire campaign.
This would also be vital in saving the community from investing in a campaign that is not tested.

Therefore, I suggest the First Launch Event in Late August(around 25th) to test this.
The event will be held at Makerere University Innovation and Incubation Center under the College of Computing and Information Sciences.
For this particular event, we shall target 50-60 tech students from Makerere University.

This is the suggested Budget:
Venue Rent $150
Media & advertising $200
Logistical equipment(banners, stickers, flyers & swag) $450
Refreshments $500
Total: $1300

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Hi Mucu,
This sounds reasonable.
Are we planning to make this event a hackathon or a technical workshop? How do you need us to be involved?
One more question here, if we host an event, can we have full video recording?
We can upload it to the Youtube. Maybe it will help with the African community?
Besides, if we were trying to attract tech students, it might be better to have the refreshment budget actually rewarded. For example, some use cases on Crust? 1st: $300 2nd: $200 3rd: $100.

Nice to hear your thoughts!

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Hello Aki,

We plan this to be a technical workshop and yes a full recording is possible and shall be done. The idea of rewards is cool. It could be however better to boost the proposed budget as the event will most likely take long to do away with the refreshments. We shall also add a budget for videography to ensure good video quality.
If possible, we could have someone from the Crust team to join virtually. If so, this needs to be known in time so we can put in time zone considerations for the event date and time planning.

Adjusted Budget could look like this:

Venue Rent $150
Media & advertising $200
Logistical equipment(banners, stickers, flyers & swag) $450
Refreshments $500
Videography $200
Prize rewards(use case Ideas).1st $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $100 & 4th $50 =$500
Total: $2000

Hey Mucu,

This is Youan from Crust Community Council.
I like your proposal that you want to hold an offline workshop in Uganda to spread Crust knowledge.
Since this is our first OCP offline event proposal, I would like to know more about your plan to make sure the quality of this event:

  1. have you ever organized an event like this before? have you tried to book the venue?
  2. what’s your advertising plan to attract 50-60 tech students? how will you spend the fee?
  3. “Logistical equipment(banners, stickers, flyers & swag) $450” is not very necessary, we can offer up to $100 to print a banner.
  4. for video, I think you just need a mobile phone then live on Youtube, that is possible to cost no additional fee.
  5. we always have refreshments fee lower than $200 at our US offline events.

We really appreciate your proposal, please consider to adjust your budget, if you help Crust hold a pretty successful event next time we could give you higher budget arrange.

many thanks,

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Hello Youan,

Thanks for your positive feedback about the proposal.
Yes, I have held offline events before for Polkadot as I am a DotSama ambassador. I also recently cohosted the Decoded watch party in Kampala.
I will book the venue as soon as this proposal is approved.

For the advertising plan, I will use social media tech influencers, tech blogs and traditional methods such as posting flyers on the target college/university noticeboards(rudimentary but quite effective for our society). Advertising funds will be spent on paying tech blogs, printing advertising flyers, tech influencers as well as local media which will cover our event.

Yes we can economise and use $100 for the banner and maybe a T-shirt(swag).

Since I was planning on a day long event, refreshments would include food, but we can make it a half day thing and maybe do drinks(water&soda) and simple snacks for the $200.

This how our revised Budget will look:
Venue Rent $150
Media & advertising $200
Banner $100
Refreshments $200
Prize rewards(use case Ideas).1st $200, 2nd $150, 3rd $100 & 4th $50 =$500
Total: $1150

Happy to receive your thoughts on this revision.

Hi Mucu,

Thanks for your feedback.
I have a few questions to confirm with you
1)Does this activity require our team to introduce Crust (about 20 minutes) on line? If so I think it would be better.
We are also happy to announce it on our media platforms.
2) $500 rewards will distributed by us. Maybe invite the winners into our discord would be better.
3) Usecases that get rewarded require them to submit a deck. We can even keep pushing forward with their proposed usecase if our tech team thinks it’s good enough. This will help with our tech community too.

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Hello @Aki,

Yes, it is my intention to have the Crust team join in virtually as I have highlighted previously. It will a great pleasure to feature on the Crust media channels.

It is also a cool idea for the prizes to be distributed by the team, it brings the participants closer to those who could likely help in improving and implementing their ideas.

Participants will indeed submit their decks, it is obvious the Crust team will have access to them.


Hi Mucu,

OK, everything sounds good. Thank you!
I think we can start this program now. How long does it take to prepare for the event?

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Hello Aki,

Thanks for okaying.

I will take approximately 3 weeks to prepare for the event, meanwhile advertising, social media, venue booking will start this week.

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Hello Mucu,

Looking forward to this event!
If you have anything need to help, please let us know. Thank you!

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looking forward to this event! :rocket:

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Hello guys, our event is this Saturday and I was able to book a venue on 27th within the time range from noon to 5pm East Africa Time(GMT+3). Am kindly asking for the members interested in sharing with our very first event to let me know what time favours them within that range for better and proper preparations.

Hi Mucu,
Nice to hear from you.
We will get back to you as soon as we confirm the time to attend.
Besides the poster, is there any event information you can share with us? like warm-up link, number of applicants, etc.


The event will start at 3pm East Africa Time(UTC+3).
We have 4 groups from Makerere University who have registered to participate as well those who will pitch as individuals. We are expecting about 50 attendees.

Hi Mucu,
Glad to have the updates. Our core developer will attend the event online and give a speech.
Can we use google meeting to attend or other tool you recommand?
I think we’ll show up at the beginning of the event, right?
Are you posting on any social media platform? Or do you have any photos of venues or promotional materials? Our Twitter can help spread it to our community.

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Hello everyone,

It is crucial I update you on the recent Crust Event we had in Kampala.
The event was held on the 2nd of September 2022 at the Makerere University Innovation and Incubation Hub(MIIC). The attendance was predominantly university students from the College of Computing and Information Sciences. These were in total, 51 by attendance.

The event had presentations from myself, Luke Fan from the Crust Team as well as two idea presentations from two student groups.
Thanks to @Aki for the followup and guidance provided to ensure the event took place.
Here are also some of the scenes from the event Crust Kampala - Google Drive