Crust in ParisDotCom event

Patrice Vibert#1008

Community role: member

Guild: writing/translation

Time: 19-21 july

Ticket (60 euros = 62 dollars) + travel (80 dollars)

Very cool proposal. I am sure this will be a obvious vote :smile:

Hello, it’s my Crust Wallet : cTMp3RKx8NZbVPabUfFyTsfhQKoeFrGnVayLcG1MLxD57uZx3


Hi Pratice,I saw your photos of the event. It’s really nice :laughing: :laughing:! Thank you very much for your support!
The proposal reward will be paid next week.

Thanks Aki :+1: a great évent . I Hope crust Network become a sponsor next year :blush: