Create an easy to understand graphic to visualize process flow of proposals and bounties

Welcome to the very first bounty ever raised via Crust Open Community Program :partying_face:

Type of bounty:

Create an easy to understand graphic to visualize the different process flows for raising proposals and claiming bounties in the Crust OCP. The visual should be used to be shared via Social Media and other online content.

Process flows can be visualized in one or multiple graphics.

Please find the user flows which are to be visualized here:
OCP Flow - Google Sheets

PS: Please consider Crust branding style such as color palette etc.

Crust will provide a pize pool worth 100 U of CRU tokens to 3 winners of this competition.
1st: 60 U,
2nd: 25 U
3rd 15 U


For any questions please use the commetn section. Thank you.


Just two questions…

  1. Is there any repository where we can find de Crust logos or color palatte in order to use the right hues?
  2. Where do we send the graphics? Is going to be a section for that or we simply post here a proposal?

Hey there. to answer your questions:

  1. I will add some ressources to this thread but you also can check our current homepage and marketing materials for inspiration.

  2. Please post your results in this thread, that the community can comment and vote on it before the offical deadline

Thanks :slight_smile:

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:laughing:Crust logo here:

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